Transforming Opportunity - The Value Proposition

Our value goes well beyond building better software through our training and consulting services. Our client opportunities provide us the opportunity to transform so that we can then help those affected by poverty, disease or stigma get what they deserve - an opportunity.

Transforming Technical Talent based on GE Matrix

  • Tom Snyder, founder of geMatrix, applies the GE Matrix tool (a tool representing a portfolio matrix consisting of nine cells to help screen GE's large portfolio of strategic business units) to guide teams and professionals in implementing a continuous technical talent program.
  • Once individual and team talents are identified, they are mapped to software services that directly impact business strengths and market attractiveness.
  • Each technical talent can then be continually protected, selectively invested, and retooled through some combination of technical training and knowledge transfer.
  • The path to increasing competitive advantages is to increase business strengths and market awareness through increased individual and team technical talent.
geMatrix Skills Model based on GE Matrix

Transforming Talent Through Technical Training

  • geMatrix nutures business success by transforming talent through technical training.
  • As a professional instructor for both the Hartford Graduate Center and IBM, Tom Snyder formed geMatrix in 1999 to increase technical talent for businesses and individuals.
  • Today, geMatrix additionally offers consulting and software as a service to help organizations and individuals build and optimize technical talents.
  • Tom continues to train thousands of technical professionals around the world.
  • Tom leads the Smartstainable Training program to transform rural women through technical training

Transforming Talent to Fill Current Openings

  • Demand is high for technical talent.
  • As an expert trainer with diverse consulting experience, Tom Snyder assists individuals who need to retool themselves to help them fill a current opening.
  • Tom also provides training and knowledge transfer consulting to help businesses fill current technical gaps and job openings.

Transforming talent to create competitive advantages

  • Tom's training success results from his software and consulting background that spans many functional areas including supply chain, manufacturing, inventory, sustainability tracking, and mHealth.
  • He strives to develop innovative products including exciting global health solutions that positively change the world.
  • In all engagements, Tom seeks to enforce that his efforts are to help others create better software, better products, better solutions in order to gain competitive advantages and positive change.

geMatrix Chronology

  • 1999 - Tom Snyder formed geMatrix (gematrix is from the root gematria - the ancient study of sacred numbers) as a provider of application security training to support the Identrus trust model for B2B and B2C transactions.
  • 2000 - geMatrix offers Technical Assessment Consulting to help companies aquire and divest software companies and software components.
  • 2001 - geMatrix began training MQ Series as an authorized IBM training partner. geMatrix expanded MQ Series training and MQ consulting to IBM iSeries clients.
  • 2003 - geMatrix began offering Java and J2EE bootcamps for IBM iSeries clients in the Northeast.
  • 2004 - geMatrix collaborated with Frost Data Systems to build a Web Application for tracking technology companies, products and services to help create awareness for Venture Capital firms and technology firms.
  • 2006 - geMatrix collaborated with Jason Squatrito and Tom Frost to design and create an on-line trade board for wood chips co-burned with coal for the purpose of tracking CO2 emissions reduction. Software included chain of custody reporting (Required for EU Carbon Credits) from storm damaged wood through the shipment and delivery to biomass burning facilities.
  • 2008 - geMatrix began helping developers avoid data breaches by offering secure code training based on best secure coding practices and mitigation approaches.
  • 2009 - geMatrix designed and developed a Vendor Managed Inventory Application to track daily consumption of goods. In turn, software automatically created purchase orders to replenish these goods from the supplier.
  • 2011 - geMatrix began offering customized computer based training.
  • 2014 - geMatrix began offering AngularJS classes.
  • 2014 - Tom Snyder led efforts to launch Smartstainable program.
  • 2015 - Tom Snyder formulates continual technical skills transformation model based on GE Matrix nine cell tool.
  • 2016 - geMatrix began teaching Microservices to help provide companies competitive advantages.
  • 2016 - geMatrix began offering free how to code Java knowledge transfer videos on You Tube.
In 2004, Walter Isaacson wrote "Einstein's genius reminds us that a society's competitive advantage comes not from teaching the multiplication or periodic tables but from nurturing rebels."

In this spirit of Einstein, Tom adopts his imaginative mindset to help you transform your inner rebel with in-demand technical talents that then help you transform these talents into innovative products and services that result in competitive advantages.

geMatrix Credentials

  • Programming - Java, J2EE, .NET, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, ILE, Angular
  • Performance Tuning - Batch & database throughput, interactive response
  • Communications - HTTP, FTP, DDM, MQ Agent, Web Sockets
  • Integration & Interfacing - MQ, IIB, ESB
  • Software Support - EDI, Supply Chain, DOM
  • Barcode - Sample tracking, WMS
  • Database - DB2, Oracle, MySql
  • Account and Project Management - Fortune 500 & International Accounts
  • Technology Assessments - Software, Skills, Performance
  • Sustainability Software - Carbon reduction, recycling, reforestation
  • Application Security - OWASP, Web App Security, Microservices security, PCI DSS Compliance
  • Testing - JUNIT Automated Testing
  • mHealth - Malaria diagnosis and treatment, Ebola tracking, Home Based Testing Census
  • Instructor Led Training - Hartford Graduate Center, IBM, geMatrix
  • Knowledge Transfer, CBT - Camtasia, Articulate, Video Training
  • Cloud Services - AWS, Microservices

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