Competitive Advantage as a Service

During the 1970's, McKinsey & Company developed a tool (GE/McKinsey Matrix) representing a portfolio matrix to help screen General Electric's (GE) large portfolio of strategic business units.

Coincidentally, Co-founder and Managing Director of GeMatrix, Tom Snyder, worked his way through college as a bartender for GE at their Training and Development Institute in Crotonville, N.Y.

Tom formed GeMatrix in 1999 as a consulting service, with the focus on providing value to customers who have a large portfolio of software solutions, through a matrix of services that included the building of Secure Applications, Integration and Customized Training Solutions.

We needed to blow-up our original approach to adapt to market attractiveness, now we just provide services that meet an expectation of a resulting competitive advantage to our customers.

Unruly in a positive and disruptive professional way.

last updated : November 28, 2016


In 2004, Walter Isaacson wrote "Einstein's genius reminds us that a society's competitive advantage comes not from teaching the multiplication or periodic tables but from nurturing rebels."

In this spirit of Einstein, we adopt his unruly and imaginative mindset and integrate it with the deterministic grind essential for the success of a small business.


Create global opportunities through continuous innovation, especially for those affected by poverty, stigma and disease.


Code and deploy competitive and collaborative advantages.


Deliver trust as a service.


Smart (Savvy, Mobile, Autonomous, Resilient, Tested) services.


Empower social enterprise through the Smartstainable program.