Personalized Training Solutions and
Project Managed Software Implementations

The Right Solution at The Right Time

Technology Training

  • Customized training as a microservice
  • Project and product based training
  • New hire and career advancement
  • Adaptable onboarding schedules
  • Extensive coverage
  • Full stack
  • Agile
  • DevOps
  • Domain Driven Microservices
  • Security & Privacy
  • Four Delivery Pillars
    • Instructor Led
    • E-Learning
    • Assessments
    • Mentoring
  • End User Training

    • Due diligence
    • Onboarding roles & processes
    • View | Do | Review
    • Assessments
    • User manuals and cheat sheets
    • Q&A Knowledge Management
    • Reporting and Dashboards
    • Easy upgrades
    • Knowledge Transfer

    Project Management

    • Client Success Management
    • Pain point resolution
    • Product rollout
    • Demonstrations and presentations
    • Solution and integration requirements
    • Role configuration
    • Solution configuration
    • Conference Room Pilots
    • Upgrade planning

    Why Gematrix matters

    Gematrix offers me many professional services opportunities. Because of this, I am able to travel to places around the world where many communities are under-served. Gematrix affords me the opportunity to pay forward and offer local women and girls an opportunity to work on computers. These girls and women achieve something very special, a sense of social empowerment and an opportunity for some financial empowerment.

    As a person who was raised in opportunity, I am also awake to the problem with lack of opportunity and Gematrix wants to solve that problem.

    In doing so, I learn new cultures, new skills, and refined methods of personalized training and project management.

    Tom Snyder - President Gematrix

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