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Our virtual consulting business evolved from 20 years in developing both software and training solutions supporting trusted transactions over the internet, spanning both B2B (business-to-business) and B2C (business-to-consumer) channels.

We've motivated, led, and transformed thousands of technical professionals to date, and our solutions continue to help grow companies, change, and save lives and our planet.

Our solutions are creative and unique. Sometimes, creativity starts by thinking outside the box. Other times, we see no box, we just see secure solutions.

Our solutions are used by public health research teams, small, medium, and large IT organizations, software companies, consulting firms, logistics, 3PL and 4PL providers, and government agencies.

As we share our greatest strengths to advance each client through an innovative solution, we also help them protect their digital assets.

Others solution providers still use a traditional per hour billing approach. We've transformed this process and now work using our SMART-15 methodology. SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound) guides us in building up and billing each solution from 15 minute deliverables.

Current Offerings

SMART practical IT solutions | Designed to trust

eComm | 3PL Inventory | Solutions

We help 3PL logistic companies manage their software implementation and enhancement engagements. Food, Medicine, Apparel ...

Continuous Digital Transformation

Are you beginning or evolving your continuous microservices planning, continuous automation, continuous testing, continuous security or some other continuous transformation? We'll help you create and maintain the right culture with speed, security, agility, quality, collaboration, and resiliency ...

Public Health Data & Cloud Integrations

Customized responsive apps, secure data managagement, and dashboards provide professors and research teams the tracing, reporting ...


A competitive advantage is our cost-effective 15 minute SMART deliverable. No more legacy hourly consulting bloat.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We have experience with both SQL and NoSql Data including: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, DB2, Couchbase and Mongo.

  • That is correct. We realized that many times we are asked to participate in phone and virtual meetings that last only 10-15 minutes. We don't see the need to charge our customers for 1 hour, when the effort was only 15 minutes.

    We also implemented an approach to build by 15 minute deliverables. Our deliverables include tasks that are small, manageable, independent components we call SMART-15 deliverables. Smart pricing is a term we use to associate our billable rates to these SMART-15 deliverables.

  • This service is a part of our continuous transformation improvement offering and it propagated from two prior offerings: Technical Due Diligence and Web Security Training. We applied threat discovery, mitigation and modeling to the technical layers of architecture, data, integrations and cloud pipelines.

    The result is an offering that brings continued, consistent, defense in depth to your IT charter through 3 sprints.

    In sprint 1, we walk you through pre-defined question and answer sessions and prepare what we now call a traffic light document based.

    In sprint 2, we walk you through additional question and answer sessions based on our combined understanding of threat and risk. The resulting traffic light report delves into areas in much greater detail.

    In sprint 3, the final question and answer sessions are based on risk priorities and the resulting traffic light report delves into suggested mitigations.

  • We love training and believe it adds great value to an IT organization.

    Virtual training requires an infrastructure and support staff that is much more than we can offer properly and provide consistently trusted results.

    For those that want virtual training, we recommend our trusted training partner ProTech at www.protechtraining.com

  • There are so many ways that our public health software background can help.

    First, we understand community based contact tracing data colleciton solutions.

    Second, we understand alternative backup means of data collection.

    Third, we understand how to automate processes.

    Fourth, we're agile and we're practical.

    Finally, there are so many solutions needed, we are here to help.

  • Trusted loop was originally the name of a software product brainstormed by Gematrix in 2007 as a predictive trust engine. The software was never developed and the name transformed to represent a process flow of our giving back culture.